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episode 92

Introduction Lizzy & Zoe Skype song Topics 18 Days until The Last Jedi New Trilogy Directed by Rian Johnson that does not follow the Skywalker story Battlefront 2 Came Out link Thrawn Comic Series Announced Live Action TV Show Confirmed Thrawn & Vader Book               *puts on thrawn eyeliner* “Am I cool yet?” Recent Events Zoe Science Factory Rebel Cause Lizzy Nope.   Upcoming Events Zoe Steel City Con Lizzy  

episode 86 Lizzy and Zoe Talk to Jake Stetler

Find episode 86 on Soundcloud, iTunes and Google Play SoundCloud Episode 86 Lizzy and Zoe have a great guest, filmmaker and podcast host Jake Stetler. Jake talks about his upcoming film and his podcast that he hosts with his son Kaden. He also talks about all the great charity work that Kaden does